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Welcome to our Heirloom Gardens!


        The seeds of genuine Heritage, Heirloom plants have been handed down through families and friends for many generations.  The seeds we offer have been carefully selected for their natural diversity along with their varied form, colour and great taste and nutrition.                                                                                                                                                                                      
        A large variety of our beautiful heirloom vegetable plants are ornamental enough to be added to flower gardens.  Many of the heirloom vegetable seeds such as cucumbers, polebeans and peas, tomatoes and melons, lend themselves very well to vertical gardening in small spaces using trellises, fencing and poles.  We can assist apartment dwellers with a sunny balcony by  helping them to select from an extensive variety of container grown heirloom vegetables.
        We at Nature's Rainbow look forward to helping you with your amazing heritage garden!