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 Here are some other organically grown Heirloom Vegetable Seeds we have for your garden. As well as deliciously sweet peppers, we have added some very hot peppers to our selection.

 Ancho Gigantea Pepper  Hot 
-A great favourite Heirloom pepper from Mexico and southwesthern U.S. A.  
-Highly versatile 5 inch green and black heart-shaped fruit is called "Poblano" when fresh and "Ancho" when ripened to red and then dried. 
-Rich distinctive flavour excellent for chiles rellenos, sauces, rubs, roasting and stuffing.
-Heat code of 3 when fresh and 4 when dried.
-Peppers produced mid to later in the season. 
Aurora Pepper         Hot
-At just 1 foot tall, this Russian heirloom pepper plant can be grown in a small pot and kept over winter as a house plant.
-Beautiful purple-green foliage and lavender, purple, orange, and finally red fruit.
-The 1 1/2 inch long fruit have a  heat code of 6.
-Fruit produced early in the season.
Black Hungarian Pepper     Hot                                                                                                               
-This fine tasting pepper is also highly ornamental.
-It grows 3 fet tall with purple veined foliage, purple flowers and shiny black and red fruit.
-Ideal to grow in a large container or flower garden.
-the 4 inch peppers have a heat code of 6.
-Fruit produced early to mid-season.
Bull NoseBell Pepper     sweet
-This famous pepper was grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States.
-The sturdy plant produces bell peppers of excellent flavour.
-The fruit ripens from green to orange to red and can be used at any colour stage. The sweetest is red.
-Peppers are produced early to mid-season. 
Craig's Grande Jalapeno   Hot
-A big fat jalapeno that is perfect for making lots of salsa.  
-Thick, flavourful, hot flesh.
-Great for Jalapeno lovers. 
Etiuda Sweet Pepper   Sweet
-One of the best tasting peppers.
-Sugary sweet when ripe.
-Thick walled orange fruits are crisp, very sweet and juicy.
-Great choice for a bell pepper. 
Fatalii Pepper  Very hotHot 
 -A very hot pepper originating in Central Africa
-the 30 inch tall plant produces many 3 inch long golden, orange fruit.
-The peppers have a delicious citrus flavour and very few seeds.
-This variety is a great choice for pots, and can be overwintered inside.
-Its fruit is sizzling hot with a heat code of 10:
-Fruit produced later in the season.
Feher Ozon Paprika
-From Hungary.
-Ecellent quality paprika pepper 
-Very prodcuctive plant with 3 inch by 4 to 5 inches long fruits.
-Sweet Flesh. 
Fish Pepper         Hot
-Highly attractive 2 foot pepper plant  brought from Western Africa to New England in the 1850's.
-Named due to its use in oyster and crab houses along Chesapeake Bay.
-A great salsa pepper.
-This variety has beautiful variegated foliage and 3 inch long fruit that ripen from cream colour
with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to all red.
-Heat code of 5; Fruit prooduced mid-season. 
Ghost Pepper  Extremely hot
-Legendary variety
-One of the world's hottest peppers
-1,000,000 Scoville units!- Slowly grows into 4 feet plants in good locations.
-Thin walled, wrinkled pointed fruits are 2 to 3 inches in length. 


Jimmy Nardello Pepper  Sweet
-Outstanding pepper from Italy introduced to North America in 1887 by the Nardello family.
-Loads of slender 10 inch long glossy sweet red peppers are produced on sturdy 2 foot plants.
-One of the best frying peppers with a delicious roasted apple flavour. 
-Fruit produced mid to later in the season. 
 King of the North Pepper  Sweet
-American Heirloom Pepper from Maine.
-Sweet flavoured, blocky red fruit grow on short, sturdy, bushy plants.  
-Grows well in Northern gardens where summers are cool and short.
-Fruit produced early in the season. 
Lucifer's Dream Pepper  VeryHot
-A Caribbean favourite that produces sizzling hot habanero peppers. 
-3 foot tall plant grows a huge number of small red peppers with a fruity flavour and aroma. 
-Can be used fresh or dried in salsas, chutneys and marinades.
-Heat code of 10+, these peppers are not for the timid.
-Fruit produced mid to later in the season. 

Napoleon Sweet 
-Eight inch elongated bells are as mild as apples.
-Frutis stand upright on 2 feet plants and ripen from green to red.
-Listed in 1923 as "possibly the most productive of all the large peppers,bears constantly until frost.
Remarkably early for a large fruited pepper."
-70 to 90 days from transplant. 
Purple Beauty Pepper  Sweet
-Absolutely stunning American heirloom.
-Sturdy, compact plant loaded with large sweet, purple bell peppers that mature to a radiant dark purple-red.
-Makes a great colour contrast in a salad or on a veggie tray.
-Fruit produced early in the season. 
Quadrato Asti Giallo Pepper   Sweet
-You may not be able to say its name, but you'll love it. 
-Outstanding Italian pepper.
-Large green bell pepper with yellow shading.
-Fruit has thick, crisp flesh with delicious sweet, spicy flavour.
-Peppers prodcued early to mid season. 

Scotch Bonnet Pepper   very Hot  
-This famous heirloom from Jamaica is even hotter than habanero peppers.
-An attractive plant with rounded 2 inch fruit that ripen from green to brilliant orange.
-These peppers, with their smoking hot heat, can be pickled and  ideal for certain Mexican and Caribbean dishes.
-Heat code of 10++; Peppers produced mid to later in the season. 

Sweet Chocolate Pepper
-An early and prolific producer of medium sized, chocolate brown peppers.
-The flesh is an attractive brick red that is sweet and crisp.
-Wonderful in salads, stir fries and veggie trays.
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 Tabasco Hot Pepper    Very hot
-Famous Heirloom intorduced into Louisiana in 1848.
-Main ingredient in Tabasco Pepper Sauce.
-The plants grow up to 4 feet tall and are covered with small thin peppers.
-Fruits ripen from green to orange then red.
-Needs a warm summer or can be grown as a potted plant.  
-Very hot with delicious flacour.  Heat code 7    90 days
 Thai Chile Hot Pepper
-This heirloom is widely used throughout Asia and Mexico for cooking.
-These baby finger-sized peppers have a heat code of 8.5.
-By grinding up a few peppers and adding a little soap in water, one can make an effective and environmentally friendly insect repellent.
Tolli's Sweet Italian
-Sweet Italian heirloom named for Phil Tolli.
-Large dependable yields of 5 inch long scarlet red peppers.
-all around favourite for fresh eating, frying, and canning.
-Great added to tomato sauces.
75 to 85 days from transplant. 
Trinidad Scorpion  Incredibly hot
-New record holder for heat. The hottest chilli on the planet! 
-Wrinkled lantern shaped fruits ripen to a searing red-orange.
-Named as the world's hottest pepper by the New Mexico Chilli Institute.
-Average 1.2 million Scovilles.
-90 days