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The easy and fast growing "greens" featured below are in high demand for their attractive appearance, gourmet taste and nutritional value.  Sow these seeds in the spring and again in mid August, in the garden or in containers, for a continuous supply.  They can be steamed, stir-fried, added to soup, or eaten raw as part of a tossed salad.  Take a look at our large selection of international gourmet salad bowl greens.

Apollo Arugula
             A high quality heirloom rocket or arugula from Holland.  The large rounded leaves have a high vitamin C content, have an excellent taste and are rarely bitter.  It can be grown in pots or on the ground, and will produce 3 to 5 cuttings per sowing if kept well picked.
Ready to harvest in 40 days. 


Mesclun Lettuce Mixtures
       Mesclun are baby greens used in salads.  Sowing a few rows every 2 or 3 weeks allows for a fresh supply all summer long. Once the baby greens reach about 4 inches tall, cut the tops off to about 1 inch from the ground.  This way the mesclun will continue to regrow. This well-balanced international mixture of heirloom cutting lettuces includes 7 popular varieties including Forellenschlauss, pablo, and Red Velvet.  A flavourful and colourful bouquet of lettuces can be enjoyed in just 40 days.

 Mescllun Spicy Mix
           This is a zesty and delicious blend of Oak Leaf, Buttercrunch and Ruby Red lettuces, plus the herbs Florence Fennel, Chervil and Thai Basil, as well as Arugula, Endive, Raddichio, Mizuna Mustard and Peppercress. 
Cutting can begin in just 35 days. 
     A graceful salad green from Japan with a sweet, mild flavour and strong resistance to bolting in hot weather.  After cutting it down to near the ground, it will continue to grow.  Young leaf stocks can also be cooked like broccoli.  Mizuna is so attractive, it is often grown as an ornamental.
Harvesting in just 21 days.   
         An old time Asian Green that is very popular and versatile.  Fast growing and vigorous, it forms a compact rosette of emerald green, spoon shaped leaves.  Frequently used at the baby leaf stage for salads, it is also excellent at a more mature stage for stir-fries and soups.  
Just 21 days for picking baby greens and 45 days to harvest mature heads.