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Annual Flowering Vines of the World
       Annual flowering vines are very inexpensive, simple to grow and very rewarding, giving masses of blooms throughout the summer until October frosts. We have selected seeds that quickly germinate and grow to their full potential of 3 feet to 20 feet, depending upon the variety, when planted in a sunny or part sun location. If you wish to get a jump on the growing season, the seeds can also be sown inside in small  peat pots in May.Then in June, when the young plants have begun to grow, plant the seedlings in their peat pots outside.
Black Eyed Susan Vine
     First introduced to Canada in the 1820's, this 6 foot vine is named after its yellow daisy shaped flowers with blalck centers.  A native of Africa, its flowers can also be white or orange. A great plant for hanging baskets, containers, or in the garden on a small trellis.  This vine grows well in a part sun location.  For quick germination, allow the seeds to soak in water overnight.  It can also be grown as a perrenial plant throughout the year as a houseplant in a sunny window since many of the flowering vines are actually perennials in their native tropical habitat.
Canary Bird Vine
        This 10 foot vine is related to Nasturtiums , and originated in Peru and Chile.  It has unusually shaped, fringed, bright yellow flowers that look like little orchids.  Its 5 foot lobed leaves are also attractive.  A rapid grower, it  can quickly cover a trellis, fence or arbour.  It flowers best in a location with light shade at midday in soil that is not over fertilized.  A famous garden writer in the late 19th century considered it to be "almost unrivalled for elegance among creepers."
Cardinal Climber
       This 15 foot vine from central South America became popular in the 1800's, and soon became all the rage in Victorian England.  It is covered with 1 1/2 inch long trumpet shaped cardinal red flowers that are irresistible to hummingbirds.  The plant also has beautiful palm shaped leaves which turn a darker green colour, with a light red blush in the fall.
Cup and Saucer Vine
       A native of Mexico, this beautiful 16 foot vine's Latin name is Cobaea Scandens, named after Father Coba, a Jesuit naturalist in the 1700's.  Its common name is based on its 2 inch long cup shaped flowers that sit on green saucer like foliage.  In the fall, the leaves of this plant turn a lovely maroon colour and the flowers give off a honey scent.  The fast growing plant enjoys a sunny location in rich soil.  When planting seeds, begin indoors. Soak the flat seeds in water overnight and sow seeds on edge, lightly covered with soil.  Germination may take two weeks . but it is well work waiting for this unique plant.  When ordering, request either the Purple Cup Cobaea or the White Cup Cobaea, or if you wish, try both.

Cypress Vine
This beautiful native of Brazil was introduced to Europe way back in 1629.  It will grow to 15 feet with twining stems and leaves that look feathery or fern-like. It produces masses of five pointed 1 1/2 inch white flowers, that open up in the evening and in dappled shaade.  This plant grows and blooms well in a part sun location. Soak seeds overnight in water for quick germination. 
Firecracker Vine
Also called "Mina Lobata", this fast growing vine from Central America can reach 12 feet or more.  The 2 inch reddish orange tubular flowers grow in clusters of 6 to 10.  In late summer the flowers turn yellow and white.  Like many of the annual flowering vines we feature, it grows well on a trellis, fence or even a hanging basket.
Dolichos Vine
Also called Hyacinth Bean Vine
-Fast growing flowering vine up to 8 feet
-Will grow in part shade
-Has purple flowers that mature into
Attractive purple pea pods.

Moon Flower Vine
-A fragrant flowering vine
Up to 10 feet
-Plant has attractive heart shaped leaves
-Has large white Morning Glory shaped
flowers that bloom at night. 
Thunbergia Vine
also called
Black Eyed Susan vine
-Blooms early until frost
=Up to 6 feet
=Flowers come in orange, yellow and
 white with a black eye in the middle.


An easy to grow, spectacular looking 6 feet tall climber.  The gorgeous flowers are white mixed with pink, blue and purple stripes. 
Crimson Rambler
      The deep crimson-red wine coloured flowers with contrasting white throats, make this plant absolutely stunning.  It was first introduced to North America in 1940.  Numerous 3 inch long blooms cover this fast growing 12 foot long vine.
A very attractive 10 feet tall climber with creamy white and light blue flowers highlighted with purple veins and a white throat. 
Flying Saucers
       A fast growing twining vine with heart-shaped leaves.  The 4 inch long flowers are marbled throughout with white and purble-blue markings and a pale yellow centre. the plant will grow to 12 feet in height.  This Morning Glory first flew into Canadian gardens in 1960.
Grandpa Ott
     This fast growing 15 foot vine is named after John Ott of St. Lucas, Iowa.  All his life, he preserved this wonderful vine by regrowing the seeds each year.  The 3 1/2 inch flowers are a deep velvety purple with red throats and dark lines radiating out  that seems to make the flowers glow.
Heavenly Blue
  Introduced in the 1930's, this 10 foot vine is one of the most popular Morning glories.  This is so because of its early blooms and its gorgeous 4 inch long sky blue flowers, which keep the show going throughout the growing season.
     Sometimes called  by the name Mixed Colours, this very old variety grows to 7 feet, making it ideal for hanging baskets and window box displays. These smaller funnel shaped flowers come in beautiful pastel colours in shades of pink, white, mauve and purple.  All of the Mixed colours also have white centers.
La Vie En Rose
A 10 foot tall vine with a blend of pale pinks and light to deep rose coloured blooms. The flowers are gently brushed with a white centre.

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