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Heirloom Corn Seeds
       Corn originated in South America, and has been cultivated for thousands of years on both American continents. The Native Americans referred to corn as their "first mother and father, the source of life."  Colombus was introduced to corn in 1492 and brought it back with him to Spain the following year. Today's corn, bought in food stores, is all hybrid and more and more is genetically modified.
          Corn, tradionally is a good source of protein and is rich in vitamins A,B, and C, as well as iron, potassium. magnesium and phosphorus.  There is really no substitute for fresh, home grown corn since, once harvested and shipped it quickly begins to lose its sweetness and becomes starchy.

Blue Jade
                        This unusual American heirloom is one of the few sweet corns that can be grown in containers.  The minature 3 foot plants bear 3 to 6 delicious ears of steel-blue kernals that turn jade-blue when boiled.
75 days to maturity. 
Golden Bantam
       This heirloom corn is one of the parents of modern yellow sweet corn, first grown in Greenfield Massachusetts in 1902. To produce good pollination, corn grown in home gardens sould be planted in short rows to form a square rather than in one long row. 
75 days maturity
Japonica Striped Maize
     First grown in Japan in the 1890's, it is a breathtakingly attractive corn that is suitable as an ornamental in any garden or container. Its varigated leaves are striped white, yellow, and pink, followed by ears with purple tassels and burgandy kernels.

Mandan Bride
                       This special corn was developed by the Mandan Indians from Minnesota and North Dakota. The 6 foot plants produce 7 inch colourful ears highly suited for fall displays.  The kernels are a mix of colours including orange, red, blue, black, purple, pale yellow, white and striped.
85 days to maturity. 

Stowell's Evergreen
                    A unique white corn first grown by Nathaniel Stowell of Massachusetts in 1793.  This tasty heirloom is still very popular today.  The cobs grow to 9 inches long and have up to 20 rows of kernels.  Ideal growing parners with corn are pole beans.  The beans provide soil nitrogen for the corn, and the corn provides a tall perch for the bean plant to climb up on.  This technique has been used by Native Americans for millennia.
85 days to maturity.