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Presenting Heirloom Tomato Seeds
          Heirloom tomatoes are plants whose seeds have been handed down through families and friends for many generations.  They have
survived the test of time to bring back that old fashioned great tomato taste.  All of the tomato plants we offer have been organically grown
and they come from seeds which have not been artificially hybridized or genetically engineered.  Unlike hybrids, heirlooms are open-pollinated
and thus can reproduce true to form year after year.  By growing heirloom vegetable plants, we can all help to maintain the diversity of our
food crop for future generations.
         The taste of heirloom tomatoes is far superior, and they come in all shapes and sizes as well as a rainbow of colours, making these tomatoes
not only tasty but attractive and fun to grow.  We are able to offer you a wide selection from bite sized cherry tomatoes to big, juicy beefsteak tomatoes,
as well as sauce and canning varieties, and ones for growing in small spaces or containers.

We hope you enjoy some of the wonderful new varieties of organic Heirloom tomato plants.

 Black Cherry

-Dusky purple-black fruits bursting with rich flavour.      

-Vigorous plants covered in clusters of 1 inch round cherry tomatoes.    

-Indeterminate: Fruit produced mid season.                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Black Krim

-Wonderful full flavour tomato from Krim, Russia.  

-Beefsteak fruits are a unique combination of violet-brown and purple-red.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -

-Indeterminate: Fruit produced mid-season.    

Black Plum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Wonderful rich tasting tomato from Russia.

-The 2-inch plum fruit ripen to a mahogany brown colour.
Versatile fruit is delicious eaten fresh or made into flavourful dried tomatoes and sauces.
-Indeterminate tall plant with heavy yields

-Fruit produced mid-season.                                                                                                            

Black Sea Man
Compact heirloom from the Black Sea area.
-Ideal for small gardens or container growing.
-Reddish brown, medium sized, rich flavoured,
-Very attractive when sliced.
-Determinate; Fruit produced mid-season.

Brandywine  Red
-From Amish community near Brandywine
  River in Pennsylvania in 1880’s.
-Produces large 10oz. To 1 pound, dark
Reddish pink tomatoes that, with every bite, assault the senses with tomato flavour.
Beefsteak type of tomato Ideal tomato for slicing, salads and sandwiches.
- Indeterminate; Fruit produced later in the season.

Currant Gold Rush
-Currant tomatoes are an ancient form of small tomatoes that are super productive.
-Small bit sized golden yellow fruit with excellent flavour.
-Manageable sized plants forms its fruit in long trusses of 10 to 12.
-Indeterminate; Fruit mid-season

Dr. Wyche's Tomato 

-Heavy yields of 1 pound golden yellow tomatoes. 

-Meaty flesh and rich flavour.

Indeterminate; Fruit produced later in the season. 


German Pink

-Original heirloom from family that started Seed Savers.

-Potato leaf plants produce large, 1 pound beefsteak fruits.

-Meaty flesh with few seeds, very little cracking.

-Full sweet flavour.

-Excellent for canning, freezing and slicing.-Indeterminate: Fruit later in the season. 

Gold Medal 

-Large yellow, streaked red, firm and smooth.

-"Sweetest tomato you have ever tasted." 

-Seed Savers finest bicolour tomato and winner of the 2008 tomato tasting.

-Indeterminate; Fruit produced later in the season. 


Green Grape
-Yellow green, 1 ½ inch , grape shaped fruit that grows in large clusters.
-Incredible sweet flavour.
Can be grown in a large container.
Semi-Indeterminate; Mid-season.


 Italian Heirloom

-Beautiful heirloom tomato from Italy.
- Loaded with huge tomatoes weighing over a pound.
-One of the most productive varieties that we have grown.
-Excellent full tomato flavour. A great slicing tomato.
-Easy to peel for canning.

-Indeterminate; Fruit produced in mid season.

 John Baer 

-Also called Bonny Best

-Bright red meaty, smooth fruits with a very good flavour.

-Heavy producer.-Great for canning and eating fresh.

-Indeterminate; Fruit mid season. 

 Lemon Drop

-Winner of Seed Savers Tomato Tasting 2010. 

-Produces loads of 3/4 inch yellow-green cherry tomatoes.

-Refreshing tart sweet flavour.

-Continues to produce even in cold, wet growing conditions.

-Indeterminate  80 to 90 days. mid to late season.

 Mexican Midget

-Winner of Seed Savers Tomato Tasting 2014.

-Hundreds of dark, red cherry tomatoes on each plant.

-Huge tomato flavour. 

-Great for salads or eating fresh.

-Produces throughout the entire growing season.

-Indeterminate.  60 to 70 days. 



-From Poland

-3 inches by 6 inches red paste tomatoes on vigorous vines.

-Few seeds and excellent flavour make this a perfect processing tomato.

-Fruits hold well on the vine.

-Indeterminate; Fruit later in the season. 



-Dwarf plants with very early fruit

-Red egg shaped 2 to 3 inch fruits with good strong flavour

-Determinate: Early fruit. 


-Early Tomato from Czechoslovakia with excellent flavour.

-Produces lots of red, small to medium sized fruit throughout the season.

-Very popular in Northern areas with short summers. 

-A great American potato leaf variety. 

-Early variety. Indeterminate. 

Tigerella   Sorry sold out.

-Tasty 2 inch round bright red fruit with orange stripes.

-Beautiful, popular variety from England.

-Hgh yields even in cooler summers. Disease resistant.

-Indeterminate: Fruit produced early in the season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Tiny Tim 

-Attractive red cherry tomatoes on dwarf 18 inch tall plants. 

-Ideal plant for children.
-It grows neatly in patio pots and window boxes.
Determinate:  Fruit produced early in the season. 

-Indeterminate: fruit produced mid season. 

Yellow Pear

-Native American original introduced to settlers in the 1700’s. 
-Small yellow pear shaped tomato
-Very prolific producer of cute shaped,sweet fruit
-Low in acid, popular with gourmet chefs.
-Large indeterminate plant;
Fruit produced mid-season.