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Heirloom Swiss Chard Seeds 
               Swiss chard originated in Europe where it has been grown for 2000 years or more. Throught the ages, the Swiss have shown special fondness for this versatile vegetable, thus its name.  Swiss chard is related to beets, however it is is grown for its leaves and stems.  The leaves are tender and are used as cooked greens or added to salads. The stems are served and cooked like asparagus.  By harvesting only the outer stems, the plants will continue to prodcue all season long until hard frost.
          Swiss chard is a very good source of vitamin A, potassium, and iron.  The nutritional benefits can be enjoyed during the winter too by storing in the freezer.

Fordhook Giant 
      While this heirloom dates back to the mid 18th century, it did not become well known until the Burpee Seed company reintroduced in in 1934.  The 2 foot high plants have dark green, savoyed leaves with white stalks.  This heirloom chard is best used when it is 12 inches tall in salads or cooked in a variety of ways.  By just harvesting the outer leaves and stalks, the plant will continue to grow.  Being very hearty, the plants is not bothered by the summer heat or the light frosts of Autumn.
55 days to maturity.
       A beautiful old heirloom from Australia dating back to the 1850's. To think that this wonderful variety was nearly lost. Not only is it great to eat, it's also highly ornamental. The 2 feet tall plants have leaves that range from light to very dark green, and the stems can be either red, yellow, orange, pink or a cream colour. Also known as"Five-Colour Silverbeet". it is a show stopper in any garden or container. It even looks great in a vase as part of a flower arrangement. 
60 days to maturity.

Rhubarb Red
       Also called "Ruby Chard", it has been very popular in Europe since the 1850's. It's not only delicious, but also very attractive with its deep crimson stems and dark green leaves with contrasting dark red veins. Being a cold tolerant vegetable,  the leaves of this variety turn a beautiful dark red in the cooler fall temperatures.
60 days to maturity.