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Heirloom Spinach Seeds
       Spinach is one of the oldest  known vegetables, originating around Iran.  The ancient Greek and Romans grew it. The Arabs were fond of it and and took it to Spain in the 10th century, from where it was taken to the rest of Europe.  During the Middle Ages, it was grown by monks in monasteries and it became a staple of many a peasant's diet.
         Spinach is a very nutritious addition to the vegetable garden.  It is an excellent source of iron, as well as Vitamins A and C.  Spinach is helpful in treating anemia, high cholesterol, low immunity, poor appetite, skin problems, tiredness and lethargy.

                 An American heirloom, first introduced in 1826.  The vigorous upright plant has savoyed leaves that are glossy and dark green.  It is very tender eaten fresh or cooked and has excellent flavour.  Well adapted to late spring or summer planting, slow to bolt, and its a fast grower that produces heavy yields.
Matures in 50 days. 
New Zealand 
                  This wonderful heirloom  is native to New Zealand. Not a true spinach, but used like spinach, it reaches up to 2 feet in height and produces a crop of succulent bright green leaves and 4 inch stems tips that can be used in salads, or as cooked greens. Unlike regular spinach, it is very heat and drought tolerant and will produce throughout the summer, right into the fall.
Matures in 55 days.

Red Malabar
     An old heirloom from India with beautiful red stems and red-tinged leaves, making it a very attractive ornamental that is perfect for growing in a large container.  Being a fast growing vine, it grows well on a trellis or a stick-tepee.  Unlike regular spinach, it loves the heat and will produce succulent leaves and sprouts all summer.  It can be added to salads or cooked. 
60 days to maturity. 
Strawberry Spinach
           It is easy top understand why this has been a popular heirloom for centuries in Europe. It is an amazing plant which is grown not only for its nutritious spinach like leaves and stems, that can be added to salads or steamed, but also for the many juicy, low acid, tasty red fruit that it produces.  This compact plant grows 18 inches tall and matures in just 40 days.