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Heirloom Radish Seeds
        The radish is a very ancient vegetable that originated in China.  From there it travelled west to where the ancient Egyptians valued it highly for its energy giving properties.  For instance, the pyramid builders were fed radishes in large amounts. As well, the vegetable was revered by the ancient Greeks as food for the gods.  Radishes are easy to grow and can be sown a number of times in the growing season.  Radishes can help treat congestion, eczema, fluid retention, gout, liver and gall bladder problems, rheumatism, and sinusitis.

French Breakfast
          An heirloom from France, dating back to 1879.  It is a 3 inch oblong radish with a rosy scarlet coloured skin and a white tip.  It has a crisp texture with a mildly pungent flavour that is wonderful in salads, as a garnish, or an appetizer.  Try it sliced thinly on crackers or bread.
Matures in just 25 days. 
         A Greek radish named after the ancient Greek sun god.  First mentioned in garden catalogues in 1885, it is a yellow, round radish with a sweet, white flesh.
Matures in only 30 days. 
Plum Purple
          An exceptional radish, originating in Scandinavia.  It is round with a deep purple skin.  The white flesh is sweet and remains mild and never pithy throughout the growing season.
Matures in 30 days.