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        Melons are members of the cucumber family and they also originated in the warmer regions of Asia.  The thought of sweet tasting, aromamtic melons growing in the garden is often considered an unattainable dream.  Having our fellow Canadian gardeners in mind, we have selected a number of hardy, open pollinated melons that have shown to be  proven winners over many decades. Melons are a good source of potassium and the antioxidant lycopene, as well as the vitamins A, B6,C.          

Blacktail Mountain
               An open pollinated watermelon from Idaho, where summer nights average about 8 degrees C.  It is a gorgeous green-black, round fruit weighing about 8 pounds.  It has deep scarlet flesh that is super sweet, juicy, and crunchy.  Perfect for short seasoned areas, and it also does well in hot, humid weather.  
Watermelon that matures in 70 days. 
Cream of Saskatchewan
          Russian immigrants introduced this heirloom to Saskatchewan. It quickly became a favourite beacause it grew very well in cool northern climates. The 10 inch round fruits are light green with dark green striping.  These unusual watermelons have creamy yellow flesh and are sweet and flavourful.
Watermelon that matures in 80 days.
Golden Midget
          An outstanding little watermelon from New Hampshire first discovered in the late 1950's.  The pleasantly sweet 3 pound fruit has a golden-yellow rind when ripe and salmon-pink flesh.
Early ripening watermelon that matures in just 70 days. 
Ha' Ogen
          A hungarian melon, whose seeds were brought to Israel in the 1960's, and where it began to be grown again at a kibbutz called Ha' Ogen.  It is a gorgeous, 4 pound , round melon witih yellow-orange rind and green stripes.  Its light green flesh is superbly sweet and spicy.  
Honeydew melon that matures in 75 days. 

Minnesota Midget
       This is one of the quickest heirloom melons to mature in northern gardens. The tan coloured, round, 4 inch fruit grow on vines just 3 feet long, which can grow on a trellis for vertical gardening. The golden yellow flesh has a high sugar content and can be eaten right to the rind.  This little gem, developed in Minnesota in 1948, is also resistant to fusarium wilt.
Muskmelon that matures in 65 days.
Noir des Carmes
        An old French melon named for the Carmelite monks, who once tended the gardens in France where the melon originated.  One of the easiest to grow melons, but also one of the most luxurious.  When immature, it has a rich black-green skin which ripens to orange mottled with green.  Its orange flesh is sweet and aromatic with its flavour complex and deeply satisfying.
Cantaloupe that matures in 75 days. 

Queen Anne's Pocket Melon

                  This heirloom melon has enchanted melon fanciers for centuries due to the unforgettable perfume it gives off.  Before the days of aerosol deodorants, English women carried these tiny melons in their pockets to pleasantly scent the air.  These tiny white flelshed melons have velvety skin with orange and yellow stripes.  The ornamental fruit can be displayed attractively in a fruit bowl while its perfuming the air in the room.                                           A prolific growing honeydew melon that matures in 80 days. 

Sweet Granite
            Another exceptional melon from New Hampshire, tht first came on the scene in the mid 1960's.  It is an early variety well suited for direct seeding in northern climates. Oblong shaped, sweet orange-fleshed fruit weighs 2 to 3 pounds. 
Mushmelon that matures in 70 days.