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Heirloom Lettuce Seeds
       Lettuce is derived from wild lettuce which grew from northern Africa to Europe and parts of Asia.  Cultivated varieties began to be grown in the middle East, first in Egypt around 4500 B.c. and then in Iran and Turkey.  The Romans brought it with them to Britain as a food crop, where it grew very well in the cooler climate. 
         Lettuce is another healthy vegetable for it can help treat anxiety, coughs and colds, gastritis, insomnia, irritible bowel syndrome, nervous indigestion, peptic ulcer, and poor appetite.

Bronze Arrowhead
        This rare lettuce is derived from the 1880's Oakleaf lettuce in the United States.  The oak leaf shaped leaves hve a mild silky texture and are dark green with bronze edging.  A very attractive lettuce that is slow to bolt in hot weather. All leaf lettuces will grow in part shade and can be sown a number of times during the spring and summer at 2 week intervals. Leaf lettuce that matures in 50 days.

Deer Tongue
         An Amish heirloom valued for its ruggedness and heavy production.  It has thick, but tender and sweet triangular green leaves. The plant is slow to bolt and it's cold hardy producing leaves to pick well into the fall. Leaf lettuce that matures in 55 days.
           A gorgeous Austrian heirloom with crisp, green leaves speckled with maroon-red spots.  With its superior flavour, it is a favourite in fine restaurants.  It holds its shape very well in the summer heat.
Romaine lettuce that matures in 55 days. 
Ice Queen
            This is a French heirloom also called "Reine des Glaces"., so named because its dark green, deeply cut, pointed leaves resemble a crown.  The texture remains crisp even in hot weather. It can continue being a used as a leaf lettuce after the head has been cut off.
Head lettuce that matures in 65 days.
Lolla Rossa
             A beautiful Italian lettuce with frilly magenta coloured leaves.  It can be sown thickly for an excellent patch of cut-and-come-again lettuce.  The mild flavoured leaves also make an wonderful garnish.  
Looseleaf lettuce that matures in 55 days. 

          A fine Spanish head letltuce with wavy-edged, very large leaves coloured purple, red, and green. The lettuce has good texture, excellent mild flavour, and is very slow to bolt.  
Crisphead lettuce that matures in 65 days. 
Tennis Ball
                Grown by Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello estate, (yes, the game of tennis did exist backthen.)  The loose, tender, light green heads grow only 7 inches in diameter, thus making this head lettuce ideal for small gardens and container planting.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, Tennis Ball lettuce was often pickled in salt brine to enjoy in the off season. 
Butterhead letltuce that matures in only 50 days. 
Winter Density
                This sweet, crisp and succulent lettuce originating in England. It has large, dark green, curled leaves that form 10 inch upright heads. Slow to bolt in summer heat, it is also cold tolerant.  
Bibb-romaine lettuce that matures in 55 days. 

Yugoslavian Red Butterhead
       A beautiful heirloom from the Balkan Region of Europe.  The 12 inch wide heads have outer leaves tinged in red and a center almost white.  With an excellent mild flavour, it makes a great presentation in salads, or as a decorative garnish.
Head lettuce that matures in 55 days.