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Heirloom Kale Seeds
       Kale has been grown in northern Europe for many centuries.  It is exceptionally hardy, robust and is untroubled by many of the pests that bother other cole crops like cabbage and broccoli.  Being easy to grow, kale is truly a lazy gardeners delight! Kale is also versatile.  It can be used raw in salads, or added to stir fries and soup, or steamed like spinach.  Beeing very cold tolerant, successive sowings from April to July will ensure your table is graced with healthy greens from your garden right up to December, long after other vegetable plants have succumbed to the cold outside. 
        The leaves of kale are very nutritious.  They are rich in many vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and C, the minerals potassium and iron, as well  as a good source of protein.

Black Tuscan Palm Tree or "Dinosaur Kale
              Also called "Lacinato" this 3 foot tall kale originated in Italy in the 18th century. One of the most majestic looking kales to grace any garden, it is shaped like a palm tree with savoyed textured blue-black leaves. It also looks great in a flower garden or container, or try adding the leaf stocks to a flower arrangement in a vase.  It is great tasting and tolerates both heat and cold.
65 days to maturity
Blue Curled Scotch
              A British heirloom kale with finely curled blue-green leaves.  The plant grows only 15 inches tall and about 25 inches wide.  A very hardy variety that can be over wintered with mulch in zones 4 and 5. Ornamental, delicious and high in Vitamin A.  75 days to maturity.

       An heirloom dating back to the mid 1800's in the United States where collards, a summer kale, have been widely grown for their delicious, juicy, large leaves that can be picked throughout the season.  The plant will grow up to 3 feet tall in 75 days.

Red Russian
        This heirloom entered Canada with Russian traders in 1863.  The leaves of this vigorous growing 2 to 3 foot tall plant have a tender, mild and sweet flavour. It's great in home made soups and freezes well.  It can also be grown in decorative pots and be added to the flower garden, due to its attractive colour and shape. The plant has frilly large leaves that are bluish green in colour with veins and stems coloured red and purple.
70 days to maturity