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           Cucumbers originated in the tropical Far East where they have been grown for thousands of years. and where the fruits cooliing refreshing and thirst quenching properties were appreciated in the heat. 
         It is known today that cucumers can help treat bladder infections. eczema, fevers, gastritis, heat rash, inflammatory eye problems, insect bites and sunburn.
Armenian Yard Long
          A unique heirloom from Armenia that is acturally a melon but is used like a cucumber.  Its fruit will grow to 30 inches long but is best used at 12 to 18 inches. The fruit is light green, with a nice mild flavour that is more easily digested than some regular cucumbers. The ribbed fruit can be eaten skin and all. The plant matures in 60 days and can be gown on the ground or a trellis.
            Originating in Russia near Moscow, this small variety of cucumbers grows bumper crops on short 5 foot vines, making it ideal fo container growing and small grdens.  Great for fresh eating and pickling.
45 days to maturity, 

Early Fortune
       An heirloom discovered in 1906 in the state of New York.  It quickly became a popular garden variety since it's easy to grow and is very productive.  The 8 inch green fruits grow on short vines.
60 days to maturity.
Japanese Climbing
     This fast growing climber was introduced here from Japan in 1892.  A crisp and mild tasting cucumber tht grows well on a trellis or fence, and is ideal for slicing and pickling.
60 days to maturity.
Lemon Apple
        A very productive heirloom introduced from Australia in 1894. The fruit are the colour and size of a large lemon with an excellent cucumber flavour that is easy to digest. Yellow when mature, they are best picked while still young and pale green for pickling and eating raw.  This variety is becoming popular with gourmet chefs.  Try stuffing it with minced meat  and rice, add some cheese on top, and bake.  This cucumber plant is also rust and drought resistant.
65 days to maturity.
Poona Kheera
                        A very unusual looking cucumber from India.  it grows from white to  golden yellow to russet brown at full maturity.  Eaten, skin and all, at any stage of growth, the fruit remains delicious, tender and crisp.  A gast grower producing good yields on disease resistanct vines.
55 days to maturity.