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Heirloom Carrot Seeds
        Carrots are native to Afghanistan and by ancient times were grown throughout the Middle East and the Greek and Roman world.  Hippocarates in 430 B.C. noted the healing power of carrots.
        Carrots can help treat anemia, arthritis, broncial congestion, cuts and abrasions, fluid retention, gout, heart disease, liver problems and poor vision.

                  An heirloom that originated in Danvers, Massachusetts in the late 1800's.  Due to itss thicker shaped, 7 inch roots, it can produce high yields, even in heavy clay soil.  It's bright orange flesh is sweet and tender.
75 days to maturity
       A most unusual carrot, having the colour purple. Long ago, carrots came in a variety of colours, including purple ones like Dragon from China. However, in the last 300 years carrots have become almost standarized to orange, as have tomatoes to the colour red. This carrot with its sweet, almost spicy taste, will retain its unique purple colour along with a bright yellow and orange center when eaten raw as part of a salad or veggie tray.
 80 days to maturity.
Nantes Coreless
          A French heirloom dating back to 1870.  This 6 inch long, blunt ended, cylindrical orange carrot is one of the sweetish and juiciest known.  The coreless roots have a wonderful flavour and are excellent for salads, juicing and cooking.
65 days to maturity.
Paris Market
                   A French Heirloom dating back to the 19th century.  A fast growing, very sweet, 1 1/2 inch round red-orange carrot.  It grows well in shallow and rocky soil ancd can also be grown in containers.  This is a highly sought after carrot in gourmet restaurants.
60 days to matuity. 
St. Valery
                Another fine carrot from France dating back to the early 1800's.  It has been described as the best and most handsome main crop carrot.  This heirloom is enormously productive.  it has fine-grained dark orange roots that are sweet and can grow up to 12 inches long.  
80 days to maturity.