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If you were to pick only one crop to grow, we would recommend the venerable bean. With minimum effort and little space, you can produce tremendous yields from compact bush or graceful pole varieties. Beans originated in Central and South America and are still growing wild in mountain regions. Eating bean pods, that is snap beans, can help treat anemia, arthritis, constipation, fluid retention, gout, stess and tiredness. When the pods are allowed to mature, when cooked, the dried bean seeds also help treat diverticulitis, hemorrrhoids, and high blood pressure.

Black Valentine
       An American heirloom from the 1800's. a prolific grower with 6 inch green pods containing shiny black seeds. It is excellent for use as a fresh snap bean or allowed to mature as a dry bean for soup.
Bush habit; 60 to 70 days to production.
Dragon's Tongue
      A Dutch butter bean with creamy 8 inch long pods with attractive purple is a compact, high yielding plant with wide crisp and juicy pods.
Bush habit; 60 to 70 days for production. 
Golden of Bacau
         A very productive golden yellow, long flat bean from Romania.  Needs little horizontal space to grow, and stays tender and sweet for a long time.
Pole habit; 60 to 70 days to production.
Lazy Housewife
         One of the oldest documented beans, first noted in a horticultural catalogue in 1810. It was the first stringless snap bean saving time and energy in cooking, thus its name.
The green pods are 5 inches long and can be used as snap beans or allowed to mature further to harvest the shiny white seeds. The vines bear heavily until frost.
Pole habit; 75 to 80 days to production. 

Pencil Pod Black Seeded Wax
     This favourite yellow wax bean dates back to 1900. The pods are 6 inches long, tender and delicious. They contain white seeds with black dots. Good flavoured bean excellent for freezing.
Bush habit; 50 to 60 days.

Rattlesnake Snap
       A  vigorous growing American heirloom with 8 inch long, dark green pods streaked with purple. It can be used as an attractive vine. The pods have very fine flavour and this plant shows good drought resistance. The seeds resemble the coloration of a rattlesnake.
Pole habit; 70 to 80 days to production.
Royal Burgundy or Royalty Purple Pod
       This very attractive bean originated in New Hampshire in the early 1900's.  it will fit nicely in an ornamental border due to its dark purple stems, lilac coloured flowers and a 5 inch, purple pods.  It tolerates cool weather and produces huge yields of tender pods that can be cooked or eaten raw. 
 Bush habit; 60 to 70 days to production.
Scarlet Runner
     One of the oldest runner beans still available dating back to 1750.  When small, the flat, green pods make a delicious snap bean.  When allowed to mature, the large black and red bean seeds can be eaten like lima beans.  the 15 feet tall vines are highly ornamental with numerous scarlet red flowers that are a hummingbird magnet.
Pole Habit; 60 to 70 days to production.
Tongue of Fire
       This heirloom originated with the natives in southern Ontario and then travelled with the French to Europe 300 years ago.  It finally came back to North America with Italian Immigrants.  This tan/maroon coloued cranberry type bean is a heavy bearer of tender bean pods. as well as dry beans for canning and freezing when allowed to mature. 
Bush habit; 65 to 75 days to production